An address that exudes a sense of pride

The elevation of W has been designed to highlight the alphabet the name was derived from, seen evidently in the design of the balcony railings, forming a ‘W’ along the superstructure of the project.


Luxury homes that welcome you into tranquility

The entrance to the residential towers welcome you home, to a perfect blend of the greenery that surrounds it and the grandeur the exteriors exude.

Reception & Lobby

An entrance that redefines stepping into splendour

The first impression upon entering the towers is created by the state of the art interiors of the reception and lobby, marking the distinction of its perfection as compared to other residential properties.

Hallway & Elevator

Impressionable interiors that exceed your expectations

The hallway itself speaks for its splendour, accompanied by a rose-gold designer elevator introduced for the first time in India exclusively for this project.

Banquet Hall

An international lifestyle experience within city limits

A space that is perfect for multiple formal occasions and thoughtfully created within this project for its residents to host events and gatherings.

Outdoor Activities & Landscape

True luxury acknowledges the importance of unwinding

With the provision of multiple outdoor activities, we believe socializing with neighbours never felt so effortless and interactive.

Swimming Pool

Immerse yourself in a luxuriating experience

Situated on the ground floor, this state of the art space is dedicated to relaxation and concord for the residents.


Staying fit never felt so aesthetically pleasing

A fully-equipped gym for the residents keeps their fitness regime on track and helps them push their limits.


Where leisure has become a lifestyle

A gentleman’s game since ages that stays true to its classic essence. While it is favoured by everyone even today, it adds character to the indoor activities at our prestigious project.

Mini Theatre

Premiere nights that celebrate every resident

Watching your favourite movie multiple times or screening a new movie parallel to its release date has never been this simple.

Drawing Room Interior

A luxurious demeanor favouring progressive lifestyles

It’s the finer details that come together to form an elaborate outcome and our interiors are the sum of internationally sourced products.

Bedroom Interior

Spacious apartments that make you feel like royalty

Palatial abodes are what dream homes are made up of and an additional blessing is building it with products that have been renowned across the world.

Drawing Room Interior

Return home to grandeur when you reside at an ultra-luxury apartment

We believe that the true luxury of a space is created by the individuals that reside within its exceptional grandiose.

Bedroom Interior

An amalgamation of comfort and splendour

Exceptional interiors that exude a sense of class and integrity belong to progressive individuals who recognise quality when they come across finer things.


Live a life where nature coincides with splendour

When the beauty of flora and fauna meets the luxurious exteriors of the project, it is inevitable that it overwhelms you, redefining your dream home.

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